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Released on Gruenrekorder, 2011.

"...I started looking out the window of my apartment, down to the street, for the source of the disturbance I was hearing outside. It was deeply satisfying when it occurred to me that it had been coming from the stereo, and I discovered one of Clarke’s recordings sliding around and through my environment in ways that suddenly gave new dimension to the world around. It was a beautiful moment of listening, and one that extended into a re-listening to the album as a whole, into perceiving its wholeness as being completed in this openness, as it is mixed and filtered through the environment of its reception. It was the record itself that gave this leeway, this space, and this permission, and the results are quite satisfying. Again it makes an argument for the work’s native existence as digital files, a statement of its readiness to infiltrate, advocating environmental subterfuge as a positive position and unique capability of certain works."

Andy Graydon, Tokafi